Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This documents presents all the rules and conditions of use of this site, which is the entire property of GRAAL COMÉRCIO EMPREENDIMENTOS E PARTICIPAÇÕES LTDA. (referred to herein simply as GRAAL), with registered office at Rua Álvaro Rodrigues, nº. 182, 11º andar, Santo Amaro, CEP 04582-000, in the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, corporate taxpayer identification CNPJ/MF No. 01.857.756/0001-14.

Browsing and consultation of this site is subject to the Terms and Conditions below. Having accessed this site and any of its pages, the user shall have accepted automatically all the Terms and Conditions established herein. Therefore, please stop browsing or making a public consultation of the pages of this site if you do not agree with all the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Warranties, Responsibilities and Damages

1.1. GRAAL does not warrant that the content, the instruments and materials used and offered in its site are precisely updated or complete, and is not liable for damages caused by eventual errors of content or failures of equipment.

1.2. GRAAL is not liable, expressly or tacitly, for undue use of the information, of the instruments, of the materials made available and/or of the equipment used by this site, for whatever purposes, made by any user, being the entire responsibility of the latter eventual injury to the own right or that of third parties, caused or not by this inadequate use.

1.3. In no circumstance shall GRAAL, its directors or employees be liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising from the connection with this site or use on your part thereof or incapacity of use by any party, or in relation to any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect or delay in the operation of transmission, computer virus or failure of the line or system, even if GRAAL or its representatives are advised of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

1.4.   The adequate provision of all the resources of the Internet, without exception, is the entire responsibility of the user of the site.

1.5.    GRAAL is not liable for the content of other sites (a) whose addresses are available on the pages of this site, or (b) if the address of this site is available in them. GRAAL does not guarantee reimbursement of any damages caused by the sites mentioned in this item.

  1. Confidentiality of Information of the User

2.1. GRAAL values the privacy of the visitors of the Site and is attentive to the confidentiality of the information recorded as a result of their access, whether the statistical registration of its access data or by means of their register for browsing in restricted access areas or participation in promotions.

2.2.    To protect its information, GRAAL uses its best efforts, adopting tools of protection to information technology in accordance with the most up-t—date and reliable criteria of the market.

2.3. GRAAL reserves the right to improve the functionalities of this site as a result of the analysis and consolidation of the information and suggestions collected and of the opportunities of the latter for the group of users of the site.

  1. Use of the Information, of the Instruments and Materials

3.1.   The information, instruments and means used to interact with the users of the pages of this site are subject to alterations without prior notice or authorization.

3.2. The products and services divulged in this site are not guaranteed by GRAAL or any other body or entity, not characterizing firm business proposals by GRAAL.

3.3. The costs of the products and services divulged on this site are subject to alteration without prior communication or authorization.

3.4. The services and products listed and specified on this site may not be available, whereas the provision of the same may be subject to (a) prior approval by the competent internal jurisdictions of GRAAL or by a competent authority, (b) compliance with the relevant receipt, (c) compliance with the due bureaucratic procedures, and (d) the applicable legislation.

3.5. The products and services contained in this site are geared to the jurisdictions where the marketing and publication thereof are not restricted, prohibited or illegal, it being incumbent upon the users to investigate, monitor and observe said prohibitions and restrictions.

  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property

4.1. Except for a provision to the contrary, all the content of the pages of this site, such as information, materials, instruments, organization of the page, graphs and drawings, belong to GRAAL or to third parties who lawfully assigned their right of use.

4.2.    Except when expressly authorized, it is expressly prohibited to sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, display publicly, perform, publish, adapt, modify or create derived works, information or services from the content of this site. Without prejudice to the limitations above, you may print or download information or products from the site for personal use, and not commercial and domestic use, provided that you keep intact all the notes of reserve of rights and other property notices of GRAAL.

  1. Privacy Policy

5.1. GRAAL undertakes to guarantee and preserve your confidentiality and privacy, as it is our wish to establish a lasting and reliable relationship with you. We clarify in the text below how the information which you entrust to us are used and protected.

  1. How your information is collected and used

6.1.   All the information is collected with your knowledge and consent for the following purposes:

6.1.1. Comply with the purpose for which the information was supplied;

6.1.2. Improve and expand our offers of products and services, seeking always to customize them in accordance with your preferences and expectations, disclosing the products and services which may be of interest to you;

6.1.3. Personalize increasingly our products and services, adjusting them to your needs and preferences.

6.2.   You shall only receive emails, newsletters and promotional offers if you agree. We are against the indiscriminate use of emails without your previous authorization (SPAM).

6.3. We never request information of a financial nature, such as credit card number, for example. Your Taxpayer Identification Number CPF, Corporate Taxpayer Identification Number CNPJ or other personal data shall be equally kept confidential and never disclosed without your authorization, except when required by Law or judicial determination.

6.4. The more data on your profile you supply, the easier it will be for use to provide you with information that are really of interest to you.

  1. Sharing of Information

7.1. The registration data which is voluntarily furnished may be used by GRAAL and its partners for communications or other services which may be acquired through using the website, contests or promotions with your prior authorization.

7.2.  We assure that all the employees of GRAAL and suppliers with which we work are also bound obey this Privacy Policy and, if they commit any violation of the practices described here, shall be subject to the penalties prescribed by the civil and criminal laws.

  1. Means of Electronic Communication

8.1.    To obtain more detailed information which is not on the site, consult always an employee of GRAAL.

8.2.    The site of GRAAL supplies links (connections) to third party websites, but we are not liable for the privacy policies adopted by them nor by their content.

8.3. In our electronic communications, you will always find the option to suspend the remittance of new communications.

  1. Updating of Information

9.1. You may, whenever you wish or find it necessary, correct or alter information furnished. To visualize and update your personal data or even disable them in our records, it suffices to enter at any time the area of Register of your website or access our Relationship Center

  1. Alterations

10.1. The data of this site may be altered by GRAAL at any time, without prior notice. It is prohibited the total or partial reproduction of any part or information of this site without prior and express authorization by GRAAL. No natural person or legal entity is authorized to use any information, image or program of our site.

10.2. Likewise, GRAAL may, at any time, alter as a whole or in part it’s Privacy Policy. We recommend that you check this Policy whenever you browse through our website.

10.3. Any doubt or suggestion on our Privacy Policy, contact us through our Customer Relationship Center or through Talk to Us through the GRAAL email.

  1. What are "cookies" and what is their utility

11.1. GRAAL uses in its website cookies technology, to obtain traffic information and segment the audience, personalizing the content and/or services of the site in accordance with the characteristics and interests of the user, and thus benefiting your browsing.

11.2."Cookies" are small text files with alphanumeric identifiers, transferred to the hard disk of your computer by the browser that you use to browse on the Internet. These small files serve to recognize, follow up on and store the browsing or the user on the Internet. When this information is stored in your computer, our system recognizes the user and personalizes, whenever possible, the content in accordance with your profile. The information contained in the "cookies" of each user is also used to facilitate and speed up the completion of forms.