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The Graal Chain is the best and most complete chain of service stations in the Brazilian roads. Those who travel know the importance of a well located and well cared for stopover, where the traveler can pause quickly for rest in a pleasant and safe location.
Therefore, Graal is constantly working to meet to the utmost its customers’ needs, with first class products and innovative services. All with speed and customized service to attend: Passengers of Cars and Buses and Motorcycles – Differentiated service and pleasant locations for a moment of rest, quick quality service, exclusive parking; and
Truck Drivers– Exclusive space: excellent quality food, bathroom, leisure area and rest.


As old as the stories of humanity are the legends on the mystery of the Holy Grail, a sacred object that grants power and performs prodigies. In the shape of a cup, plate, jewel or precious stone, it was painted by primitive man on the walls of caves and appears in Greek mythology, in Hindu religion and the myths of the Celts. In Christian tradition, the Grail is identified with the cup used by Christ in the Last Supper, whose origin would be a precious stone fallen from Heaven and sculpted by an angel.

Kept in a safe and mysterious place by Joseph of Arimathea, this cup would bestow good fortune to who found it. At the fabulous time of King Arthur, the legendary Knights of the Round Table departed in search of the sublime Grail, as to find it would mean to obtain the divine nourishment and to open the doors of Heaven. In the course of the centuries, the Grail legends continued to multiply and enchant men. Still today, they awake the interest for its mystery and remain as a symbol of the eternal search for perfection.

The missions surrounding the search for the Grail afforded many travels and strategic stopovers, which later would become the first trade spots.
In 1974 the Graal Chain was born, connecting the word Grail to strategic stopovers and creating their first station with ample space for customers, new services and differentiated high quality products. The Chain kept expanding during these years, always seeking to give priority to excellence in service.

Today, it is the best and most complete chain of service stations in Brazilian roads. It relies on automotive services, convenience store, food court, restaurant, bakery, market and ample parking.
The Graal Chain, faithful to its name, opens its doors to travelers who, nowadays, seek the best foods, services and attendance on Brazilian roads.

The Graal Chain was created in 1974, when the Alves Family, owner of the Padaria 15 [Bakery 15], located in Largo Treze de Maio in the south zone of São Paulo, decided to create the first group of restaurant and gas station – with differentiated service in Registro-SP.

At the time, there was not on the Brazilian roads a location that could serve with quality and good provision of services to the traveling public. Understanding this need, the Graal Chain became the point of support to passengers of cars and buses, motorcyclists and truck drivers.

Currently, the Graal Chain has its own structure and team of qualified and trained professionals to provide the support necessary to the customer, with spaces that are entirely adequate to the standards of quality, hygiene and comfort. This is the reason of the success of more than 44 service stations located on the main Brazilian highways, of five Brazilian states, which makes the Graal Chain the best stopover option in Brazilian roads.

In the Graal unit 56, built in art deco style, we brought a little of Miami to Brazil. We created a small piece of Holland, on Rodovia Raposo Tavares. And we built a German style unit, recently inaugurated on Rodovia Presidente Dutra.

Other units are a true delight by Brazilian history, such as, for example, Graal Perdões, where we reserve a special location to tell a little of the story of Minas Gerais, its art and culture.

In our unit Graal Estação Kafé, located in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, we redeemed the golden era of coffee in the region -, enabling our customers to travel in time, through a steam locomotive.


Graal 56
Graal Holandês
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Graal Estação Kafé
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